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Added on: March 6, 2017
Last updated: December 19, 2018

UC Davis Seed Biotechnology Center (SBC)

Program Overview / Impact

The mission of the Seed Biotechnology Center (SBC) is to mobilize the research, educational and outreach resources of UC Davis in partnership with the seed and biotechnology industries to facilitate discovery and commercialization of new seed technologies for agricultural and consumer benefit.

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The SBC has a well-equipped laboratory in the Plant Reproductive Biology building. In the past years, the SBC has focused on moving basic research to applications that will enable the seed and biotechnology industries to incorporate technologies for sustainable agriculture. The SBC conducts collaborative research with private companies and other academic institutions to develop new tools for plant breeding, identify novel traits, improve seed quality, promote commercialization of new products and facilitate co-existence of diverse production systems. Current and recent research projects include:

To view archived research projects, visit Past Research.


As a public, independent voice, the SBC actively engages in promoting science-based decisions for policy and regulations. The range of outreach activities includes everything from writing scientific articles to explaining genetic engineering to a California county board of supervisors to testifying in Europe before an international forum. In addition, the SBC has coordinated numerous events focusing on various topics. The SBC is always looking for opportunities to connect scientific information and expertise with interested audiences.

More Information

For more information, see: http://sbc.ucdavis.edu/

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