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Added on: November 26, 2018
Last updated: January 7, 2019

UC Davis Pre-College Program – UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education

Program Overview / Impact

The UC Davis Pre-College Program is a three-week summer residential experience that gives high school students the chance to live, study and explore life as a college student at one of the top research universities in the world.

We offer several distinct “majors” for you to choose exploring everywhere including Coastal and Marine Science, Food and Agriculture, Technology and  Veterinary Science. Our programs are taught by some of the university’s most engaging, distinguished faculty. They’re extraordinary role models and mentors, and will help you grow as a student. The UC Davis Pre-College Program is administered by UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education.

How to Get Involved

Our summer residential learning programs are designed to give high-achieving sophomores and juniors in high school a dynamic, hands-on introduction to college.

Admission Requirements: https://precollege.ucdavis.edu/admission-requirements

Program Application: https://precollege.ucdavis.edu/admission/apply


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Explore a Major, Inspire a Career

We’re serious about fun, but we’re really serious about academics. UC Davis Pre-College Programs provide an active, hands-on opportunity to explore a major at one of the world’s top universities.

UC Davis has an international reputation in fields such as veterinary medicine, marine science and neurology, and the areas of study we offer are as varied and unique as our student body. This diversity is reflected in the majors offered by our Pre-College Program. If you’re considering majoring in these subjects, there is—literally—no better place on the planet to spend your summer.


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Maximize Your Potential

Our students share many of the same goals for life after high school—finding the right college, earning their degree and embarking on a successful and fulfilling career. But before you can start thinking about that dream job, you need to get into college and pick a major that’s right for you. We can help on both fronts. Our program includes unique, personalized admissions advising to help you refine your approach to applying for college and hone in on what you want to accomplish during this exciting phase in your life.

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