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Added on: July 11, 2016
Last updated: July 11, 2016

UC Davis Center for Plant Diversity

Program Overview / Impact

The Center for Plant Diversity is primarily a resource for identifying plants and cataloging plant diversity in California (our primary focus) and around world. Users of the Center can compare their plant specimens to our reference collection that includes over 300,000 pressed and dried specimens. The center also includes 7 stereo microscopes and a library of over 2,600 titles on plants. Location and ecology data from our California specimens, along with data from our sister institutions in the state, are available online at the California Consortium of Herbaria. The data we provide is used by researchers to map and monitor the distributions of plant species, from rare and threatened native plants to non-native invasive plants.

How to Get Involved

The Center for Plant Diversity is open for public use but appointments are needed. We also have a volunteer program on selected Sunday afternoons. Check our website for further details.

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