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Added on: March 21, 2017
Last updated: March 21, 2017

UC Davis Center for Mind and Brain (CMB)

Program Overview / Impact

The Center for Mind and Brain is a UC Davis research initiative bringing together world-class scientists with the latest technology to learn how the human mind works and to teach the techniques and tools to the next generation of researchers.

The Center for Mind and Brain (CMB) is devoted to supporting the collaborative work of world-class scientists from a broad spectrum of disciplines encompassing divergent social, biological, computational and medical perspectives.

Understanding the mind is arguably the single greatest challenge in science, because that quest requires the human mind to understand itself. Scientists at the Center for Mind and Brain (CMB) are pursuing the most fundamental questions about how the human mind perceives, thinks, feels and acts. The fundamental question we seek to answer is: How does the mind arise from the biology of the brain? By solving these mysteries and answering these questions, we can develop new treatments for psychiatric and neurological disorders and help people from all walks of live throughout the world achieve the enormous potential of the human mind.

Scientists in the CMB study language, memory, attention, cognitive control, emotion, multisensory integration, music cognition, social cognition and visual cognition from cognitive neuroscience and developmental perspectives in healthy infants, children and adults, and in special patient populations. We also are leaders in the emerging field of translational cognitive neuroscience, which endeavors to translate basic science findings about the operation of healthy minds and brains into clinical research on mind-brain disorders such as autism, schizophrenia, attention deficit disorder and Alzheimer’s disease.

How to Get Involved

Research opportunities for UC Davis grad students

Our labs provide advanced training through several graduate programs.

 Although the Center for Mind and Brain does not have a discrete graduate program, our faculty members participate in several graduate groups, including:

•   Psychology

•   Neuroscience

•   Human Development

•   Linguistics

Internships for UC Davis undergrads

Many of the laboratories in the Center for Mind and Brain offer research internships through academic departments.

To find a research internship, look through our list of laboratories, find a few that look interesting, and email the faculty member who oversees each lab to learn how to apply. Visit the web pages of our laboratories to learn how to apply.

Undergraduate research internships also are available to a select set of students through the ASPIRE program.

In most cases, students can receive academic credit for participating in a research internship by registering in an appropriate course (e.g., PSC99/199).

Research Internships for Undergraduate Students at Other Institutions

Some of our labs accept unpaid undergraduate research interns from other institutions for the summer or during the academic year. Check the laboratory web pages for information about how to apply.

Internships for high school students

We offer research internships to high school students through a partnership with Da Vinci Charter Academy of Davis. We also will consider applications from students who attend other high schools.

To apply, fill out this application form and email it, along with a transcript of your high school grades, to , the director of the Center for Mind and Brain.

More Information

For more information, see: http://mindbrain.ucdavis.edu/

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