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Added on: July 1, 2016
Last updated: February 9, 2017

UC Davis Center for Integrated Computing and STEM Education (C-STEM)

Program Overview / Impact

C-STEM (Integrated Computing and STEM Education) is a UC Approved Educational Preparation Program for undergraduate admission for all UC campuses. C-STEM also has A-G Program Status. The mission of the C-STEM Center is to close the achievement gap in STEM for underrepresented minorities and women, while at the same time developing 21st century problem-solving skills for all students. The C-STEM program integrates coding and robotics into math education for hands-on learning. This concept is further described in center director Dr. Harry Cheng’ recent article in EdSource titled  “Teaching Math with Computer Programming Can Help Narrow Achievement Gap” .  As described in the article, one C-STEM school reported a pass rate of 94% for students using the C-STEM Algebra curriculum compared to a school-wide average pass rate of 61% on the same math examination.

Innovative C-STEM educational technologies

After 10 years of intensive development, C-STEM recently released a suite of breakthrough educational technology tools: C-STEM Studio and RoboBlockly. C-STEM Studio is a platform for teaching computing, science, technology, engineering and mathematics with robotics for integrated learning. It also includes code, comprehensive documentation, and teacher guides and textbooks, all in one download. RoboBlockly is a web-based robot simulation platform for learning coding and math. RoboBlockly uses a simple puzzle-piece interface to program virtual Linkbot, Lego Mindstorms NXT/EV3 robots, or even Arduino microcontroller modules. Constructing programs with blocks also generates C++ code that can be used to control real robots. The RoboBlockly curriculum includes student self-guided Hour of Code, robotics, and teacher-led math activities. Both C-STEM Studio and RoboBlockly are provided to schools and students at no cost.

Innovative C-STEM curriculum

By making connections across the STEM disciplines, the C-STEM curriculum helps students to connect regular STEM topics to real-life experiences, while developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The integrated C-STEM curriculum has shown great promise in closing the math achievement gap for schools with a large percentage of underrepresented groups.

How to Get Involved

C-STEM offers unique professional development with various options to prepare STEM teachers who have no prior computer programming or robotics experience to quickly use C-STEM tools to bring the C-STEM integrated curriculum in their classroom teaching. The Center offers a variety of professional development opportunities, ranging from one-day workshops to two-day institutes. 


In addition, the Center is always looking for community volunteers with major C-STEM events, such as the annual C-STEM Day RoboPlay competition, which welcomes over 100 teams of middle and high school students across California to either the UC Davis campus or an Orange County facility to complete in an all-day event.

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