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Added on: March 13, 2017
Last updated: March 13, 2017

Shifa Clinic

Program Overview / Impact

Shifa Clinic strives to understand, serve, and promote the health and wellness needs of a multilingual, ethnically diverse community. Adjacent to a mosque in downtown Sacramento, the clinic primarily serves patients from the South Asian and Muslim communities. It provides interpretive services and hosts specialty clinics such as dermatology, cardiology, women’s health and pediatrics.

Shifa Clinic is a non-profit, student-run medical facility dedicated to serving the diverse, medically uninsured population of the Greater Sacramento Area. Every Sunday, the clinic provides basic as well as specialized medical services free of charge to patients of many ethnicities and backgrounds. In addition, as a teaching center for medical students and undergraduate volunteers, Shifa Clinic takes an active role in shaping the physicians of the future. Clinic operation is a collaborative effort between undergraduates performing administrative duties, medical students interviewing patients and performing physical exams, and volunteer physicians recommending appropriate treatments regimens and teaching students basic clinical skills.

How to Get Involved

Undergraduate Students

UC Davis undergraduate students assist the preceptors and medical students by handling administrative tasks, taking vitals, health-educating patients, assisting with on-site labs and blood draws, and conducting projects. For over a decade, Shifa has provided UC Davis students with many opportunities to prepare for careers in health care while teaching them the importance of providing communities with culturally competent care. The clinic serves as an environment in which we can develop sensitivity towards the needs of these people, by encouraging students to return to serve these communities. Thus, we are taking steps for the present and the future needs of the communities.

Community Outreach

Every quarter, Shifa’s undergraduate students take initiative to organize and attend outreach events at mosques, churches, temples, community centers, fairs, and marathons. Shifa volunteers are devoted to promoting healthy living and preventive care throughout Sacramento’s diverse communities.

More Information

For more information, see: http://shifaclinic.org/

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