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Added on: September 19, 2016
Last updated: January 8, 2019

ESTEME: Equity in STEM and Entrepreneurship

Program Overview / Impact

ESTEME is an outreach and leadership training program that teaches valuable skills to emerging graduate student leaders. Our vision is to help facilitate an increase in underrepresented professionals in STEM leadership positions.

Our mission: 1. Inspire students to pursue careers in STEM, especially those who have felt they are held back due to their gender, socioeconomic, or other underrepresented background. 2. Raise awareness of gender/diversity disparities in leadership roles in a professional setting to encourage others to rectify it. 3. Provide members with opportunities to improve leadership skills, such as communication and collaboration.

To accomplish these goals, we organize outreach events to local under-privileged elementary schools to promote STEM education at a young age. We also schedule seminars from local industry and academic leaders to speak about their experiences in their field. We provide workshops for professional development to our members and present opportunities to exercise those skills. Finally, we organize an end-of-the-year colloquium on understanding diversity in STEM and how it contributes to professional development in these fields. Industry leaders are invited to give talks, participate in panel discussions on their journeys and experiences with diversity in their respective fields, and give advice for young professionals just starting out.

How to Get Involved

Feel free to email us with questions or to get added to our email list!

Current ESTEME Co-leads:

Jasmine Corbin, Nicole Coggins, Samanthat Feng, Jesse Lopez

More Information

For more information, feel free to visit our website https://esteme.weebly.com/.

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