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Added on: June 20, 2016
Last updated: January 8, 2019

ASPIRE Undergraduate Honors Research Program

Program Overview / Impact

The ASPIRE (Accelerating Success by Providing Intensive Research Experience) program offers a select group of UC Davis undergraduate students a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience conducting research under the mentorship of world-renowned UC Davis faculty.

Each year, a small group of Honors students in their first or second year of undergraduate study are selected to enter the program. These young scholars immediately begin conducting research under the direct supervision of a faculty mentor in their chosen area of study.

Instead of just learning about past research, ASPIRE scholars have the opportunity to make new discoveries and become knowledge creators. Early in the program, ASPIRE scholars gain substantial background knowledge and learn advanced research skills. By their senior year, they are ready to embark on a significant honors thesis, in which they take a leading role in designing and implementing a novel research project.

How to Get Involved

Every fall, eligible students in the Honors program are invited to attend an informational meeting and are given instructions for submitting an application.  A subset of the applicants are invited for interviews, and then the most appropriate students are selected for the program.  Students typically begin in the Winter quarter of their first or second year at UC Davis and continue through their senior year.

More Information

More information, including a list of research areas and faculty mentors, can be found at the ASPIRE web site.

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