UC Davis STEM Portal is the go-to resource for all things science, technology, engineering, and mathematics related at UC Davis. An ideal place for students of all levels, parents, teachers, counselors, and industry partners to learn about the wide array of available STEM-related resources at UC Davis.

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UC Davis STEM Portal is a great resource for all students interested in connecting to the UC Davis STEM community. Below is a sample of the numerous opportunities that can be found in the UC Davis STEM Portal.

K-12 Students:
  • Summer camps where students can learn more about STEM, conduct research, and have fun.
  • Tour various STEM facilities at UC Davis.
  • Internship opportunities for high school students.
Undergraduate Students
  • Mentoring and tutoring opportunities.
  • Get connected with STEM student clubs, fraternities, and sororities.
  • Internship and research opportunities.
Graduate Students
  • Opportunities to mentor undergraduate and K-12 students.
  • Research and fellowship programs.
  • Graduate student organizations.
  • And many more…


UC Davis STEM Portal is a great resource for parents who are interested in learning more about STEM-related activity at UC Davis. Below is a list of some resources that you will be able to access:
  • Opportunities to tour one of many UC Davis museums and centers.
  • Learn about research and internship opportunities for your student.
  • Discover competitions and innovation environments for your student.


Are you a teacher interested in gaining support and resources to enrich your classroom experience? UC Davis STEM Portal has a list of resources and programs that are geared toward helping teachers enrich their classroom experience. Below is a list of some resource that you will be able to access:
  • Professional Development for interactive, hands on STEM-curriculum.
  • STEM-related internship opportunities for your students.
  • Research publications related to elementary and secondary education.
  • And many more…


Academic Advisors and Counselors play an important role in helping students understand the opportunities available to them. We encourage you to explore the UC Davis STEM Portal and learn about various UC Davis STEM-related resources available to students.
  • STEM Transfer Day
  • MESA (Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement)
  • BUSP (Biology Undergraduate Scholars Program)
  • And many more...

Industry Partners:

UC Davis STEM Portal is a great resource to learn about the STEM-centric activities that are happening at UC Davis. If you are interested in learning more and would like to engage with our students and faculty, we encourage you to explore the STEM Portal and connect with us!  As an industry professional or company you can:
  • Connect to UC Davis STEM-community – stemstrategies@ucdavis.edu
  • Provide internship opportunities for students
  • Mentor students
  • Present to student groups and organizations
  • Organize tours of your workplace and highlight opportunities in the industry.
  • And many more…

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