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Added on: October 31, 2016
Last updated: October 31, 2016

Space and Satellite Systems Club

Program Overview / Impact

The Space and Satellite Systems Club’s major goal is to increase the engineering skills of UCD students, specifically with regards to aerospace applications. This year we are creating a new space systems competition that will be held annually here at Davis. The competition utilizes an air bearing platform developed by Professor Robinson’s HRVIP lab, we will be competing to create a mock satellite attitude control system.

How to Get Involved

We are open to all majors and all years of students! For Fall Quarter 2016, our meetings are Monday at 8pm and Thursday at 6pm in Bainer 1070. Feel free to email spacesystemsclub@gmail.com for more information.

More Information

Members of the club gain experience in designing and executing each year’s design project; expect to learn things about sensors and data collection, mechatronics and machine control, mechanical design and manufacturing, computer and electrical systems, and communication and teamwork. Also expect to have a lot of fun! There are some things all engineers need to learn outside the classroom, participating in a design competition is a great way to improve your engineering skills.

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